Hello, my name is Stig, and I am a system administrator.

“System administrator” is a rather diffuse title. It implies many roles, including “philosopher”, “architect”, “teacher”, “analyst”, “janitor” and “sanitation worker”. All in the context of information technology.

In this day and age, system administration involves a lot less heavy lifting than it used to, and more automation and orchestration.

The server management is abstracted behind puppet modules and manifests, and my day to day work depends on version control hooks, unit and acceptance testing, continuous integration tools, rolling deployments, and metrics graphing. If I didn’t know better, I would think I was turning into a developer.

You can reach me by sending mail to Stig Sandbeck Mathisen ssm@fnord.no

My PGP key id is 0x7DBA958C1C055538

I do have an old key as well, with ID 0x40E354D9FA26E2EE, This was made when when 1024 bits should have been enough for everybody. I have allowed it to expire.

This site runs on Free Software. I’m using Jekyll to generate the pages.